Welcome to the Snap! Extra's page
Below you will see some screenshot's from my Snap! app.
The site below shows my first project which was the Clicking Alonso App. The oblect of this project was to make a game in which you click on a character until he slowly disappears. After he disappears you were supposed to restart the game and see if you could beat your high score. When making this app we had to make it so Alonzo moved to different points around the screen and then go faster and faster after he has been clicked. After I programed him to do that, I added some detail to it such as the background and the lines that follow Alonzo.
The next image is of a nested shape that I made in the Snap! app. This nested shape is consisted of big and small triangles. I created this shape by repeatedly making a triangle but changing the size and color each time. Since the shape is a triangle I repeated the shape 3 times while turning the angle of the shape by 120 degrees. This then created the nested triangle.

To create your own Snap! project, the link below will take you straight to the creating site.
The next image you will see is the code I used to make the Nested Triangle. This code makes it so that the shape makes more and more triangles but also makes them smaller and smaller. The repeat 3 blocks make it so the the line draws all three sides of the shape. The move x amount of steps makes it so that the length of one side of the shape is only that many amount of steps. Then lastly, the turn x amount of degrees makes the triangle shape (this part requires a little bit of math).